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BECAUSE, a product of BRIDGEGYPT, is the Middle East's first interactive platform connecting companies, social enterprises, non-profits and governments. As a platform, BECAUSE creates a space for these actors to push development forward across the region.

We achieve this in two parts. Our magazine highlights important stories from the development community about movements toward positive social change, while also indicating what issues need attention. The Hub creates a space where companies, organizations and individuals can become members and collaborate on causes, get exposure for their work, find out about new ideas and work toward a more integrated community. With the Hub, BECAUSE creates a space that can be used to find solutions to development issues.

BECAUSE aims to foster an environment where all actors interested in development can work together rather than apart. Where the magazine informs about current issues, the Hub provides a space where these issues can be addressed and worked on.

In today’s interconnected world we know that through collaboration we can move mountains. BECAUSE wants to bring all of the game changers to the table, and also open up their ideas and projects to the societies they are working to improve. 



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