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‘Spaying Stray Dogs in Cairo’: An Ethical Approach to Stop the Killing of Street Animals

28 March, 2017
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It’s a common sight: dogs and cats roaming the streets of Egypt day and night. Sometimes these animals are treated as part of the community, but too often they are seen as a nuisance and are subject to cruelty.

One woman is doing everything she can to help the population of street animals and protect them from further cruelty and murder. Two months ago, Novoshinskaya Angelika started the Facebook page Spaying Stray Dogs in Cairo to advocate for sterilizing street animals in order to control the size of the population. Angelika, who is from Belarus and has been living in Cairo for over seven years, wanted to find an ethical way to reduce the number of street animals being born.

“Seeing stray dogs and cats suffering in the street has always hurt me,” Angelika told BECAUSE. “[I’ve tried to] find an ethical method to reduce the population of street animals.”

Angelika wanted to combat the government’s usual method of animal population control, which often includes killing strays, sometimes by poising their food or by killing them with weapons. “This is really horrible, and in the end it doesn’t solve the situation,” she said. “My concern is using the only ethical method, which is sterilization.”

She first created the Facebook page to see if anyone was interested in helping, and was using her own money to neuter as many individual animals as she could. Then she sought to find volunteers that would help her perform the operations free of charge.

Through a friend who works on animal rights, she was put in contact with a veterinarian from Shubra who agreed to pull a team together to perform the operations for free.

On March 29 and 30 they will be welcoming animals to Shubra for sterilization and rabies shots from 9:30am to 2:30pm. Visit the Facebook event page for more information.

“This event will be just a small step in our long journey. I found out that many people are interested in helping, many people are willing to get involved in this subject because it hurts a lot of people to see the animals suffer in the street,” said Angelika. “The goal is to reduce the population and reduce the number of new animals being born.”

While there are a great number of individuals supporting her cause, Angelika has been trying to find a company or organization to help in the long term. “So, I decided to do it by myself and if someone would like to help me they are more than welcome.”

She said that if the event proves successful she will keep going, and invite volunteers from around the world to Egypt to help sterilize “as many animals as we can to stop the brutal governmental methods of killing strays.”



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