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Egypt Gets Its First Animal Rescue App

4 June, 2017
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More and more people in Egypt are becoming aware of the need to take care of street animals. But that doesn’t mean they always know what to do or who to turn to. Coming to the rescue, four university students have decided to turn their graduation project into exactly what society needs: the Pet Spot app.

“We wanted to solve a problem on the streets of our country,” explained Nour El Din Ahmed, a mass communications student at Ahram Canadian University and one of the founders of Pet Spot.

Ahmed, Salma Ali, Heba Bassem and Mohamed Zakaria sought out shelters to take part in their project to help street animals, and landed contracts with ESMA and CART. “The shelters support us from A-Z,” Ahmed said.

On an almost daily basis, people come across animals with broken limbs, animals infected with diseases, as well as kittens and puppies that are too weak to survive on their own. Many show sympathy and have a desire to help, but that doesn’t always translate into action, often because they aren’t sure about what to do or what it will take to help.

At the same time, there are numerous shelters in Egypt that many Egyptians have not heard of, and even if they have they might not know where they are or how to reach them.

“The app creates a link between shelters, users and stray animals,” Ahmed explained, adding that shelters can have accounts on the app to become easily accessible to users.

If someone using the app comes across an animal in need of help, they can take a picture of the animal and upload it to the app, which will then direct them to the nearest shelter.

The app has also created a space where animals can be displayed for adoption, and users of the app will be notified about events related to animal welfare taking place in Egypt.

Pet Spot is also working on a database that will catalogue all shelters and veterinarians, including vital information such as phone numbers and locations. If your pet falls ill all of a sudden, perhaps during the early hours of the morning when most places are closed, the app will help you find a veterinarian that is open and show you where to find them.

The app will soon launch a social media campaign with the help of some big names in Egypt and the animal loving community, including actors Ahmed Helmy, Emy Samir Ghanem, Mohamed Sobhy and presenter Sherin Hany.

“We want to help strays and show people how important this cause is,” Ahmed told BECAUSE.

“Stray animals are souls living with us. There should be compassion,” he stated, adding that such compassion is much needed in Egyptian society. “Instead of finding solutions, the government goes around killing stray animals to get rid of them.”

Killing strays is not the answer, according to Ahmed and his team, and that’s why the app is important, because it at least gives people the option to give animals an opportunity at life.



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