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In New Focus on Animal Rights, Ariika Gives Hope to ESMA

23 April, 2017
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Egypt’s largest animal shelter, the Egyptian Society for Mercy to Animals (ESMA), announced in February the dismaying news that it was close to shutting its doors due to a lack of funds. In a plea for help, ESMA asked individual donors to come to their aid in order to save the hundreds of animals at their shelter who would be at risk if the worst case scenario came true. Luckily, they caught the attention of more than just individual animal lovers when Ariika decided to step in.

Animal rights are rarely a point of interest for corporate social responsibility (CSR), but Ariika, the country’s top manufacturer and distributor of bean bags, is changing that. Throughout all of April, Ariika will be donating its alternative furniture to ESMA. After hearing about the tragic situation the organization is facing, Ariika decided that it was about time for a company to support animals.

Ariika paid a visit to the shelter, and shot a video with MO4 Network, and sought to shower the animals with love in the form of bean bag beds. “People do not appreciate how CSR programs can positively affect their companies,” Hassan Arslan, co-founder of Ariika, said in the video.

For every pet bean bag purchased, Ariika will match it and donate one to ESMA “to add comfort to [the lives of] those adorable animals,” said the company about its commitment. Four different types of bean bags for animals are offered, while one of the products, the Bumblebee, can be converted from a bed to a house.

Egypt’s stray animals are subjected to mass poisoning, beatings and starvation. Even pets who were once part of households are sometimes kicked out to suffer the tougher conditions of street life on their own. It is up to the country’s very few shelters, like ESMA and SPARE, and the animal rescue community to save thousands of lives.

“We, at Ariika, love animals and understand how thousands of poor cats and dogs are viciously mistreated in Egypt. And because almost no companies do any charity work to help animals, we decided it’s our responsibility to do so,” the company stated.

“You can now help us share the love…and give a cat or a dog the comfort they deserve,” said Ariika.



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