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INJAZ Gets Creative With Hopeful High School Entrepreneurs

6 June, 2017
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Bank advertisements have been encouraging Egyptian youth to start their own small businesses amid the rise in the number of SMEs and start-ups cropping up in Egypt in recent years. But, stepping ahead of the game, INJAZ Egypt, one of the world’s largest and fastest growing organizations specializing in business education, has decided to target an even younger audience: high school students.

INJAZ held its annual “The Company Program” competition on May 20 at Cairo American College (CAC) for young entrepreneurs enrolled in private schools. Students from different private schools came together to display their entrepreneurial projects for a panel of judges in the hope of winning the 2017 Company of the Year prize.

“The competition was fierce among the teams and the day was filled with a lot of energy and excitement,” INJAZ said in a statement.

Five teams from five different schools participated in the competition, where they developed knowledge and skills for establishing and running their own businesses with the help of their assigned mentors. The schools that took part included the American International School – West, the British International School Cairo, Cairo American College, Nefertati International School and Thebes Language School.

A panel for showcasing entrepreneurs among CAC’s successful alumni included Chris Khalifa, the founder of Zooba; Amina Khalil, the innovative designer and founder of Amina K.; Omar Hikal, the founder of Archemedia; and Alyaa Montasser, the founder of Malak’s Honey. They all shared their inspiring stories about establishing their own businesses while overcoming many challenges.

INJAZ’s community partners presented some of the awards. The Make Space Yours Initiative by Omar Samra presented the “Adventure Award” to Team “Carrito” from Nefertari for their food cart created to serve the school community with healthy food choices. Azza Fahmy presented the “Azza Fahmy Jewelry Design Award” to two teams: Team “Stilus” from Thebes, which produced innovative planners and agendas with creative and environmental friendly designs, and Team “Twenty Seven” from BISC, which produced a board game that takes players on a fun and educational journey around Egypt’s 27 governorates. FedEx, the event’s main sponsor, presented the FedEx Award to Team “3ala Kefak” from AIS-West, who customized personal gadgets for phones, laptops and more.


And lastly, the “Company of the Year” award was given to Team “Zip & Flip” from CAC, who produced an innovatively designed towel that folds into a beach bag.

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