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Karine Kamel

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My Volunteering Journey
Articles I liked
15 Jun 2016
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In a country with one of the worst educational rankings in the world, some Egyptian parents are seeking alternatives to conventional schooling systems. BECAUSE spoke to homeschooling advocate Lobna Afify, who removed her...
14 Jun 2016
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Nestled in Dubai's Al-Fahidi district is Mawaheb, a unique cultural space for artistic adults with disabilities. Aya Nader paid a visit. Leaving behind Dubai's glitter and glamour, I took an abra, a tiny wooden boat, and...
09 Jun 2016
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Twice a month, Asmaa Kamaly hits the local coffee shops of old Cairo. Unlike Egyptians who go there to sit back, smoke a shisha and discuss the issues of the day, the twenty-four year-old set up CAHWA on a mission to turn the...
08 Jun 2016
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Egypt is estimated to have 16 million illiterate people, whose lives are loaded with issues that don't usually cross our minds. From using an ATM to reading street signs, to improving their children's chances: rural migrants...
07 Jun 2016
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It's the time of year when your do-gooding antennae should be twitching hard for opportunities to make somebody else's Ramadan a bit more beautiful. But it's easy to sit back in a haze of good intentions and leftover mahshi and...
06 Jun 2016
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The story of Rafeya, a uniquely adaptable clothing line founded by twenty-four year-old Noura Galal, is not your average fashion tale. Galal is also on a mission to empower female workers. Four years into her job at the...
05 Jun 2016
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Under law twelve from 2013, domestic workers can now get licenses to practice, as well as social insurances. Their national IDs can now read 'baby sitter' or 'housekeeper'. Usually, but not always, performed by women, their...
18 Apr 2016
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This week, the social enterprise Dumye Dolls launches their first project in Egypt. Dumye Dolls is a toy company that donates one doll to an orphan or vulnerable child for every doll sold. The founder Sahar Wahbeh first spoke...
03 Apr 2016
| |
In Egypt, when you take the historical view on a topic, you really take the historical view. At the symposium "The Food Question In The Middle East," yesterday at the American University in Cairo (AUC), food researcher and...
30 Mar 2016
| |
With only one extra step, the shopping website Joodly "turns your everyday shopping habits into little deeds of goodness."The idea of Joodly is simple: shopping via the website ensures that a small percentage of the purchase...
01 Mar 2016
| |
By Mohamed KhairatFinally, Egyptian women will be able to earn EGP6,000 a month by working alongside the homemade food tech start-up, Mumm.Mumm, an online platform that connects hungry consumers and home-based cooks called ...
29 Feb 2016
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Amina Amr founded the popular Facebook group 7ekoukik ('your rights') to speak up for gender equality, to discuss gender-related issues, and to launch self-organised projects. The story of 7ekoukik begins when Amr, then 17, was...
25 Feb 2016
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"My violin is a way for the world to see my heart and soul without seeing my disability. I feel like I am on my own planet when I play," says Shaimaa Zakaria, one of the violinists in the Al Nour wal Amal orchestra. And that's...
10 Feb 2016
| |
NAFAS Sport gained deserved attention in 2014 when it brought a team of Egyptian street children to Rio de Janeiro as part of the Street Child World Cup. The organization was founded in 2012 to provide football training and...
18 Jan 2016
| |
With the difficulties of regulating the online and real-life spaces that young people inhabit, it is more important than ever to protect children from sexual predators. This is the mission of SAFE Kids, an Egyptian NGO that...
16 Jan 2016
| |
Nine years ago looking to make a difference and contribute to Egypt, Mohamed El-Koosy established My Dream We Make Dreams Come True, a social initiative that grants wishes made by seriously ill children. A PR professional by...
01 Mar 2015
| |
Tagaddod is an Egyptian start-up in the field of renewable energies incubated by Flat6Labs in 2013. The company's first project is the production of biodiesel from the waste vegetable oils coming from our kitchens. The concept...
21 Jan 2015
| |
Right after the success of their first campaign, the click-funding organisation Bassita is now basking in the limelight in Paris. Bassita participated in the first ever international forum of the Arab World by Thinkers and...
22 Dec 2014
| |
With Bassita's simple click-funding concept, you can make a positive social impact with one click of a button. It works like this: Bassita identify a cause to be supported, and approach a sponsor to contribute to it. Bassita...
01 May 2014
| |
Founded in 2011, the Nile Project is more than a musical group. They aim to bring together Nile basin countries and communities though education, awareness programs and music, to bring awareness of the many things that unite...
02 Mar 2014
| |
With an estimated 15 million Egyptians with disabilities, the country is not optimally designed to cater to their needs. BECAUSE spoke to one organization, Helm, who are committed to advancing the rights and participation of...
09 Dec 2013
| |
… not in their current form.With the current political and economic instability, it's becoming a challenge for many NGOs to get funding. In Egypt at least, this is because the Ministry of Social Solidarity and Justice makes it...
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