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Solve Egypt’s Social Challenges [Round 2]

Event By Yomken.com
Yomken.com contributes in filling the gap between the scientific research and market needs by solving dozens of challenges on its Open Innovation gate. It is the only platform in the Arab region that is specialized in crowdsourcing ideas and solutions for the industrial and societal challenges faced by corporate, governmental and social organizations using its own “Open-Innovation” model. At the moment we have three active challenges on our website: First “The Okra Sorting Machine Challenge”, where we aim to solve the problem of sorting okra, as there is no way to sort and identify the infected okra quickly, most machinery for sorting okra right now are incapable of detecting the infection accurately and manual sorting doesn’t work as most time the infection can't be detected by the naked eye. The challenge aims to solve this problem and make the process quicker and more efficient by automating it. You can send us your solution for the chance to win 70,000 EGP. You can check this link for more info about the challenge and how to apply: http://bit.ly/1JyG3Di. Second “Sand 2 Products”, where we aim to make use of one of of Earth’s many natural resources that's not properly exploited sand and create products made from sand that still look and feel like sand. Thus creating a special and unique product using your creative ideas and you could win 6000 EGP. For more info about the challenge, how to apply and the reward you can check our website: http://bit.ly/1L2jEE7. Last one is the “Cleaning Tanks Automation” challenge, where we aim to create a smarter way to clean the water reservoir tanks by using your design of a light weight and safe device to clean the tank periodically, and you could win 8000 EGP as a reward. For more info about the challenge, how to apply and the reward you can check our website: http://bit.ly/1PbKgEo. Yomken.com invites all engineers, innovators and geeks in Egypt to visit the website to check out the Egyptian innovations. We believe in the change and we see it happening through actions.
Event Date November 07,2015
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