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Joined On September 03, 2015
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Health | Added on 01 Jul 2015
CSR FOR MY PEOPLE is an annual competition for ALEXBANK staff during the month of Ramadan. The aim of this initiative encourage staff to submit and propose CSR projects or ideas to be funded by the bank. The competition is...
Human Empowerment | Added on 15 Jun 2015
With the remaining saved amount from the 2015 Ramadan pack, ALEXBANK supported the roofing in Upper Egypt (Menya governorate) which is one of the poorest governorates in Egypt. ...
Children | Added on 01 Jan 2015
In 2014, ALEXABNK launched a new volunteering campaign under the name of “Those who needs us” . Through this initiative all employees are able to suggest volunteering visits underprivileged communities or NGOs. Each month the...
Health | Added on 01 Jan 2015
57357 is a long term partner for ALEXANK since 2008. In 2015, ALEXBANK launched a match giving initiative to match the monthly donation of its employees. The amount was used to fund the new branch for the hospital in Tanta in...
Education | Added on 01 Jan 2015
ALEXBANK and Filmar Nile Textile signed a 5 year partnership under the name “Cotton For Life” in cooperation with the Ministry of Education. This project aims at enhancing sustainable cultivation and industrialization of...
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