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Beet El Helm Award for Best Institutional Homes in Egypt

Children | Monday, March 30, 2015 to Wednesday, March 30, 2016

Wataneya together with MBC Hope and Drosos Foundation launched "Beet El Helm” for best institutional homes and orphanages applying the National Quality Standards for Alternative Care (NQS).
The Objective of the Award:
1-Raise public awareness about the NQS importance and the community role
2-Encourage institutional homes in Egypt to apply the NQS independently
3-Highlight dedicated and successful institutional homes among the public and media

The Award has five categories:
1-Best Institutional Home in Applying the National Quality Standards
2-Best Institutional Home in Quality of Management
3-Best Institutional Home in Quality of Child Care and Child Protection
4-Best Institutional Home in Quality of Child Caregivers
5-Best Institutional Homes in Quality of Building & Facilities

Also there will be a Special Recognition for Best Corporate Social Responsibility in supporting the National Quality Standards application

Start Date March 30, 2015
End Date March 30, 2016
Location 3 Al Bayroni St. Near Baron Palace,Heliopolis, Cairo, Egypt
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