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Madrasti, a successful partnership in Kafr El Elw

Education | Sunday, September 13, 2015

Helwan Cement Company in collaboration with the Association for Development and Enhancement of Women (ADEW) carried out “Madrasti” project (My School) in Kafr El Elw district in the period between July 2014 and February 2015. "Madrasti" project was a successful partnership for developing the learning environment in the area. The infrastructure of Kafr El-Elw primary school was developed for the benefit of 860 girl and boy students. Tuition fees were paid for a number of 500 students and sportswear, uniforms and stationeries were offered to them.
Purpose of the project was to create a suitable and healthy school environment for children in order to empower them to become active citizens in the future and to achieve a long term change in mentality for the entire community to understand the need and vital importance of education for the present and future.

Start Date September 13, 2015
End Date September 13, 2015
Location Helwan
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