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The Skills for Success® program

Education | Thursday, January 1, 2015 to Sunday, February 1, 2015

The Skills for Success® program, a comprehensive training program designed to provide recent college graduates and entry-level professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to enter the labor market at an advantage, maintain employment and be successful in the global business environment. Under the umbrella of the Skills for Success® program, in December 2014 the [email protected] program equipped 22 vulnerable female college graduates with the skills required to enter the job market confidently and towards a formal job. Funded by the International Labor Organization “ILO” and implemented by AMIDEAST, the [email protected] program paves the path to employment for female public university graduates. The program provides comprehensive training that includes English language, professional skills, IT knowledge, and career development skills, as well as the skills to deliver training to other young women in these same areas.

Start Date January 01, 2015
End Date February 01, 2015
Location Giza
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